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24.11 00:05 Please help our lost students in Albania. On this sunday 25.11. from 7pm there will be praying all believers in Albania and in the Czech Republic for them. Please pray with us! all of us
14.11 10:10 5th day (Nov 12) of our albanian mission. expedition team
14.11 10:10 What happend during 4th day (Nov 11) of our albanian mission. expedition team
11.11 22:30 Information about what happened the 3rd day (Nov 10) of our albanian mission. expedition team
11.11 14:00 There are some information about 2nd day (9.11) of our team in Albania. expedition team
9.11 00:50 Mother of the missing students arrived to Albania in order to thank to everyone who are helping with the search and to ask the representatives of the catholic, muslim and orthodox religion as well as all other people of good will for continuous support in the search. Mother believes in a successful end of the search. Details. expedition team
9.11 00:50 Czech ambassador Mr. Sindelar announced also that the reward declared by the Albanian government for any information that would lead to discovery of the students had been increased to USD 40.000.- Mr. Sindelar
4.11 00:05 Since searching for our friends wasn't succesful till now, friends of missing students lost in Albania are preparing departure of Helena Pavelkova, mother of Jan and Michal, to albanian Tirana. Mrs. Pavelkova decided to ask all albanian inhabitants for their help in searching for her sons and Lenka. Mrs. Pavelkova and several others set off probably on Thursday. We appreciate any help - organizational (flight tickets, accomodation in Tirana, translator) and financial. Petr Vana
30.10 22:00 Albanian police search for our friends in the mountains. Policemen also search through caves located in that area. According to our information, police doesn't exclude even the possibility that missing students took a boat to Kosovo region. Vasek Kvasnicka
27.10. 21:00 We still communicate with Foreign Office of Czech Republic and Interpol.  
26.10. 18:00 According to information provided by Foreign Office of Albania albanian police is searching for our friends in area around village Nicaj-Shale. There are two police teams.  
26.10. 0:30 Our expedition team that was in Albania from October 7 to October 20, published this report.  
22.10. 16:27 Albanian police offers $3.500 for information that would help to find our friends. Czech Press Agency
20.10. 13:45 The rest (5 people) of our expedition team returned from Albania to Revnice. Honza Pechanec
19.10. 20:32 The rest of our expedition team is currently on its way home. Honza Pechanec
19.10. 20:32 Last four days were filled with negotiations, planning and supporting our expedition team in Albania. Honza Pechanec
18.10. 11:02 Czech president Vaclav Havel asked albanian president Rexhep Meidani for help in searching for our friends. Czech Press Agency
15.10. 22:15 First part of our expedition team returned from Albania to Revnice. Pavel Kubásek
15.10. 13:00 Information about that our friends were found in Monte Negro was published in albanian press. The information was false. Zdeněk Valeš
14.10. 10:00 Yesterday in 10H am part of our expedition team set off home to Czech Republic. In our base camp (Shkoder town) there are still 5 members of our team and two off-roads. Zdeněk Valeš
13.10 4:35 A public collection was established for the purpose of financing the search for our missed friends, especialy of financing the rescue team which is searching directly in Albania at present. The account number is 03 900 613 69/ 0800. The collection is sheltered by the town Revnice, where our friends come from. Pepa Plachy
12.10. 17:45 From tomorrow morning it will be possible to publish the account number of a public collection. All contributions to this collection will be used to finance the search for our lost friends. PLEASE, SUPPORT US IN FINANCING THE RESCUE ACTIONS. Pepa Plachy
12.10 16:13 Today, a report published by albanian media announced, that three people of a very similar appearance to our missed friends had been seen in a big pilgrimage place Pogradec at the Ohrid lake. The report is being verified by local police authorities. The Czech embassy in Tirana is ready to a prompt action. Mrs. Toufarova
11.10. 20:00 The plan of the team for tomorrow is to stay in Shkodar and await the latest results of the search by albanian police. Petr Vana
11.10. 18:42 Having stayed overnight in Theth, the rescue team made themselves on the way back to Shkodar in the morning and reached the town at 3 PM in the afternoon. Petr Vana
10.10. 17:40 A report published by the Czech Press Agency has denied previous news about the discovery of the missing people. In between, the rescue team attempted to reach the Nenmavriq village, where allegedly the missed students were discovered. However, difficulties on the spot prevented the rescuers from further action; they had to return back to the Theth village, where they stayed overnight. At the same time, two helicopters of albanian police were operating in the area. Jan Pechanec
10.10. 14:57 According to an official anouncement by albanian police, Michal, Lenka and Jan were discovered in a Dukaagjim village and they are all right. Our rescue team set out on the journey to the mountains north-eastly from Shkodar via Koplik, Theth, Lekai, Lotai. Their plan was to transport the three as fast as possible to the Czech embassy in Tirana. Although the news sounded very convincing, we await further confirmation. UNFORTUNATELY, THESE NEWS PROVED LATER TO BE INCORRECT. Petr Vana
10.10. morning In the morning hours, a part of the rescue team checked the way to the Zogai village westly from Shkodar. The rest of the rescue team committed themselves to reparation of the jeeps, as these have suffered due to extremely difficult terrain conditions. Petr Vana
9.10. 11:03 The second part of the rescue team searched in Fierza. According to unconfirmed news, Jan Pavelka had been seen there on 5th October but this information can be incorrect. Petr Vana
9.10. 11:03 The first part of the rescue team confirmed that our friends walked through the Theth town. One of local Albanians confirmed that he met the missing students on 10th August; he showed a notice with a contact address handwritten by Michal Pavelka. Petr Vana
9.10. 11:03 An unconfirmed news appeared claiming that Pavelka brothers left around 28th September Fierze to Tirana by bus the trace is being confirmed (and later refuted) by Mrs. Toufarova. Petr Vana
8.10. 21:00 A local volunteer tracks the possible visit of our friends in Bairam Curri town in north-eastern Albania. It was proved by Mrs. Toufarova from Czech embassy, Tirana, that our friends didn^Ńt visit Kruje town. The Kosovo superintendant from OSN announced that he has no information about the missing students regarding any offence or injury. The second part of the rescue team reached the Kukes town and the border with Kosovo in order to check the potential presence of the missing students. At the frontier, there is no record about our friends. Petr Vana
8.10 20:10 All 4 expedition cars searched through the villages of Northern Albania. There are some new information, but not confirmed at all. Jan Pechanec
8.10. 18:42 We were told that at the same time (Aug 10-15) when our missed friends were somewhere around the village called Theti (see map) there was another czech group - Tomas, Honza, Dasa and Veronika in that area. We are trying to find these four people. Don't you know about them? Jan Pechanec
7.10. 17:00 There is a map of movement of our missing friends, confirmed and expected. Jan Pechanec
7.10. 14:00 Part of our expedition in now in Shkoder and we have also new information about the travel of our missing friends. See details. Petr Vana
5.10. 21:45 1st message from expedition received via satelite communicator: We are in Hungary, everything ok. Jan Pechanec
5.10 17:35 Expedition to Albania set off this afternoon. Team consists of 9 experienced people and 4 offroad cars. Jan Pechanec

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