Dear Sir or Madam,

as you might have been informad already, 3 Czech students disappeared
on their travel in Albania in August or September this year. A rescue
action has been running for more than a month already and some
information was found, but the students haven't been found yet. That's
why we'd like to ask you for help again. On Thursday 8th November,
mother of the missed students will arrive personally to Tirana to ask
the Albanian people for help herself. We would like to ask you to pass
this information to your relatives, friends, colegues or media as it
is extremely important that as many Albanian citizens are informed
about this matter as possible.


Three Czech students - Michal, Honza and Lenka - have disappeared in
Albania this summer. Even though investigation has been going on for
more than a month, they have not been discovered yet. Friends of the
lost Czech students are preparing departure of Mrs Pavelkova (mother
of the lost students) to Tirane. Mrs. Pavelkova intends to ask the
Albanians personally for help to find her children.


A Czech rescue expedition operated in the area in October and found
out several interesting information about movement of our lost

They were seen in the mountains in northern Albania during August,
the last notice comes from 15th August when they were seen in the
village of LOTAJ. Later, some unconfirmed information appeared
about them. However, a police officer from the police department
in Shkoder told us that a police patrol checked checked our
missing friends on 11th of September in a small village close to
Shkoder. Furthermore numerous unconfirmed observations of missing
students has been reported from various places in Albania (even
from DURES and TIRANE).

Also later we have received some reports about the missing
students having been observed at various places in Albania, but we
cannot take any of them for sure. An intensive investigation is
being run by Albanian police. Nonetheless, your support in the
search would be very helpful.


Please forward this message to anyone you know from Albania and
Kosova, Monte Negro and Macedonia. Our friends have been travelling in
mountains north of Albania but there is possibility that they could
have moved to above countries.

Please please please post posters from links below on public places as
bus-train stops, hostels, restaurants, hospitals etc. around Albania.

For further information on the investigation and for descriptions of
the missing students, please, refer to


Leaflet with photos of our friends:

Map of how they travelled (ie. what our expedition in Albania found
out); middle one and a bigger one:

Report of the rescue team who have returned two weeks ago from
their albanian journey:


We would be extremely grateful if you could use these resources to
inform people about the search and the newest steps that'll be
undertaken, that means the visit of the mother of missed boys in
Albania. The families of the missed students are desperate and there
is a strong belief that they are still alive. That's why infoming the
Albanian people and asking them for co-operation in the search is
extremely important.

Many thanks for your co-operation, and I'll welcome if you can send me
a feedback of what can you do for us.

For parents and families of the missed students. Jana Svobodova.