Our friends are missing in Albania

We are looking for our three friends that are missing in Albania from August 2001. We need any kind of information that could help to find them. Somebody may have seen them in Albania or in neighbouring countries. We are looking for people who were in Albania during that time and who could confirm the presence of our friends at particular places so that we could search for them more directly.

Michal Pavelka, 23 years old, short light brown hair, blue eyes, 190 cm tall Jan Pavelka, 22 years old, short brown hair, brown eyes, 185 cm tall, wearing glasses Lenka Tučková, 23 years old, straight shoulder-long hair, blue eyes, 175 cm tall

Basic information: All missing students travelled with big green-gray backpacks and wear big leather shoes. They are all very slim and the 2 brothers are very alike. Both brothers carried big cameras. They contacted their parents on August 5th and the last information about them is that aproximately on August 15th they visited an albanian village called Lotaj, but it's quite probable that all our friends were still OK on Sep 11th since they were allegedly checked by albanian policemen by the Domen village. This information was discovered in Albania by our expedition team. If you know anybody in Albania who could provide information about them, please contact Czech ambassy in Tirana. We are very grateful for any help.

contact to parents: palousek@centrum.cz

Czech Ambassy, Skanderbeu Rruga 10, Tirana, Albania, tel. 0035542/34004, 32117 fax: 0035542/32159 e-mail: tirana@embassy.mzv.cz

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