How you can help?

We urgently ask for your help:

  Help us to send leaflets or links to them on our www page to Albania or to frontier areas of adjoining states to increase chance that some of people living there remember our friends. We need get these leaflets to towns, villages, post-offices etc. If you have this possibility, please contact Jana Svobodova ( that coordinates this effort.
  Place czech banners (1, 2, 3) or english banner on any www page together with link to our page. If you can do this on pages in Albania or neighboring countries, do this please. Communicate this to anyone that could help us, please.
  If you can a good idea what else is good to do, who should we contact yet or where else to publish information about investigation, let us know please via mail
  Publish this information about how can anyone help together with www address anywhere you think it is apropriate. Thank you.

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